Jack Austin's Eat and Drink

I love it when we stay at new layover hotels, well, because it's new and I'm excited to see and do all the things that might be near. It was dark when we landed so I thought it best not to wander alone. The crew had decided to go out on the town and I was ready! 
But then the crew decided to eat at the hotel restaurant, which is not the same as going out on the town...I'm still learning to like and appreciate hotel restaurants...I don't know what it is, but I prefer to go out out.
Jack Austin's Eat and Drink was fine. The expensive stiff drinks were tasty and came quickly, but the wait for food and water was looong.

The New York skyline from outside the hotel was gorgeous.

Entertaining bathroom decoupage decor, that in a way seemed perfect for New Jersey and went with the conversations we were having...

What's your favorite hotel restaurant? 
I need to know!

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