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The Last Star

I've come to the conclusion that I read too much.
Just kidding, I like being an informed citizen in the real world and losing myself in fictional ones. I just wish reality didn't mirror or inform the horrors of some fiction.
Upon completing The Last Star, I read this article in The Wall Street Journal.
It was too close to the fictional premise - because instead of aliens teaching our children how to kill one another it is Boko Harem - teaching children how to teach children to become killers. This is happening right now - today.

May we stop the madness before The 5th Wave or The Last Star heads our way, otherwise aliens will be the least of our concern. Though I'm with Yancey, hopeful us horrible humans can be redeemed...slowly, but surely.

"But the most wonderful thing of all, our highest achievement and the one thing for which I pray we will always be remember is stuffing wads of polyester into an anatomically incorrect, cartoonish ideal of one of nature's most fearsome predators for no other reason than to soothe a child."

How do we take care of these children once they find their way out or are rescued? 
How do we stop this from happening in the first place?
When was the last time you snuggled a teddy bear?

Salt to the Sea

Please read this book.
It was so very heartbreaking to see the parallels of World War II and today. I so wish history didn't repeat itself.

Which character's story broke your heart?

Esperanza Rising

The other day I had the pleasure of working first class for a charter flight. Everyone was being flown north to work 16 hour days at a cannery for a month to three months. The occupants, many of whom did not speak English, had never sat in first class before and they were tickled to have been ticketed as such. Whenever I asked them if they would like something they said "No, thank you." When I mentioned everything was free - the warm hand towels, the beverages, the meal, the use of the forward lavatory they were gobsmacked and I was humbled. 

I was reading Esperanza Rising on the jump seat and I felt as if the characters in the book were reincarnated and sitting before me. They were all relocating for a physically demanding work opportunity and most were from Latin America and the Philippines. 
I do not know what they will be paid. I do hope it is fair. 
There were two young ladies sitting in first class, one with her husband, the other with her mother and father...either one of them could have been Esperanza. It was a surreal experience....and just as the protagonist in the book has hope, so did these first class "Esperanzas".

When was the last time you experienced esperanza?



Flavor of the Month
Sunning myself in Cancun
Beauty and the Beast at the Paramount with my little beauty
Lots of history and a long line of dead people in Boston
Christmas trees vs. Palm trees in San Jose

Christmas in Santa Fe
El Paradero Bed & Breakfast
Dinner at Cowgirl BBQ with the Stewart Clan
It was a splendid finish to a splendid 2015.
Hope your December was splendid and filled with joy and too much food!
Where did the holidays take you?
Where are you going to adventure in 2016?


Dreams are time and as I'm finding out, literally, in hard earned cash. 
After being rejected by a plethora of agents for my YA contemporary book, with a few hope-inducing...."this is awesome, but not quite right for my list" rejections...I've decided to try the self-publishing route...EEKS! 
So, off I go, trying and learning new things and spending money on editing and cover designs and who knows what else! 
Stay tuned - You will soon have a new (awesome) book to read!
Finishing the freezing month off with a Frosted Lemonade!
It tasted like lemonade pie. I'm not complaining!
Sledding with family in Denver.
If you happen to find yourself in Manhattan Beach - treat yourself to a treat here.
Finding peace in the clouds, sand and stillness.
Had a charming little lunch at The Kettle
Locally World Famous since 1973
Because Kelp Pickles are begging to be tried!
Everyone at Friendsgiving gave them a thumbs up.
They taste more bread and buttery, than dill.
Found myself in North Pole, Alaska via Fairbanks Public Transit.
These ice carvers were amazing, but not amused at having their pictures taken.
And of course, I ran into this guy at Santa Claus House.
He was the kindest, most jolly Santa I've met.
And because my job takes me from cold to hot in a few hours.....
if you're in the mood for Dole Whip or Donkey Balls
visit Lappert's in Palm Springs
The view and tranquility of this hike is worth carrying the two bottles of water!
Nitro Circus
insanely fun
Hope Travis Pastrana and Jolene Van Vugt get well soon
Beast Mode Frappuccino
The kale/seaweed (matcha) tasting protein powder might be too much for me 

(I'm more of a yerba mate girl)
I've also tried the Gingerbread Tea Latte...reminiscent of Chai Tea.
And then there was the Rainbow Latte at Highliner Coffee in was like a "suicide" when you were a kid and mixed every possible flavor of pop...yep, don't have to try that particular drink again...though I will go again for their other tasty treats.

How was your dark November?
Falling back is no fun....
What are you dreaming about in these dark days?