Wicks Lake Park

"Is this it?" I don't know.
Is this where we park? I don't know.
Is it safe? I don't know.
Where do we go? I don't know.
That's the thing about new things and places, I  have no idea where exactly we're going or what we're getting into; but I'm willing to give up the control of knowing and planning and just go for it, especially on a sunny PNW day!

Is this a trail? I don't know.
Turns out it wasn't, but at least we tried to take the path less traveled...

Nothing was labeled or marked at Wicks Lake Park, but turns out it didn't need to be. We wandered aimlessly, the dog had a blast and my son and I had conversations about whether moms fart, if it's better for the environment to litter or burn trash, assassins (John Wick anyone?!), and what our next new thing would be.... 

When was the last time you took the trail/road less traveled?

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