Hi, I'm Kristalyn.

Here are a few things I love -

My super fun family

And the extended part too
Being outside
Food - baked goods with sugar being on top of the list
Doing New Things*
The color brown

*Something New
I blogged a few years ago about trying Something New Everyday. 
Then I stopped to write and love on my family, though I still did a ton of new things, just not everyday, but now I'm back to it!

Why you ask?
- to see the world anew - for adventure - to be delighted - because it's okay to be uncomfortable - because there is so much to behold, taste, see, smell, hear, touch - to discover - for fun - to be surprised - to observe - to appreciate - to understand - to love - to learn - to question - to realize - to seek the truth - to live life to the fullest - 

I would love to hear your stories, adventures (or misadventures) about your 'new somethings'!
Please email me with ideas, a quip, a comment, or a question.....


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