Some things I love

My super fun family
And the extended part too.
Being outside
Food - baked goods with sugar being on top of the list
Doing New Things*
The color brown

Does anyone send postcards anymore?
I do! 
I'm a flight attendant so I get to go to amazing (and not so amazing) places.
I want friends and family to know I'm thinking about them while I'm gone.

Why did you write about Latin@ characters?
My half-sisters are Mexican and I'm half Mexican. I wanted to write a story they could relate to and I wanted them to be proud of their big sister!

*Something New
I've blogged the last few years about trying Something New Everyday. I continue to do new things everyday, I just don't blog about it, because I'm busy writing!
- to see the world anew - for adventure - to be delighted - because it's okay to be uncomfortable - because there is so much to behold, taste, see, smell, hear, touch - to discover - for fun - to be surprised - to observe - to appreciate - to understand - to love - to learn - to question - to realize - to seek the truth - to live life to the fullest - 

I would love to hear what you think of "Send Me a Postcard" and I'd love to hear your stories, adventures (or misadventures) about your 'new somethings'!
leave a quip, a comment, a question.....