I like fests.
Okinawan Festival
It may not look like much, but it was delicious.
The Crepery
Free Samples of Chocolate - you had me at chocolate.
Thai iced tea with ice cream at Baitong Thai - okay!
Ice cream in Palm Springs doesn't last very long!
Because Brandini Toffee is so good
Milestones at work call for cute, homemade cupcakes made by friends.
Have I mentioned how thankful I am for all my friends and all their different amazingness? I'm very thankful...even when their amazingness has nothing to do with sugar.
Shopping in the City
 - love watching people and shopping carts go up the escalator -
Sometimes the best pizza is served thru a walk up window on a paper plate
What was your most fun adventure in September?
What was your sweetest treat?

Anderson Point Park

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