Warning: Lots of random pictures, because it was a good, random summer, full of good, random, new things!
U.S. Open at Chambers Bay - ridicuously cool and I don't golf.
Cross the border and go here!
Women's World Cup
We watched Japan crush Switzerland.

(Yay U.S.A!)

I have now been to the Alaskan cities of Sitka, Juneau, and Anchorage. 
I've also had the pleasure of stopping in the airports of Kotezbue, Wrangell, 
Bethel, Yakatat and Ketchikan.
Lingering with friends on layovers are the best!
Weddings at Kelley Farm are gorgeous.
Climb Tacoma is challenging, fun and makes you super sore.
Note to self, do more pull ups, push ups and planks.
Foot golf  - do it!
Good work out and good fodder for laughter and memories.
Lee's Sandwiches - simply delicious.
Went to camp with this kid, in this van.
Needless to say, it was awesome!
When in Canada - this.
When in Sitka, go through/to the Backdoor.
Experienced the Johnson Candy Company while at the Hilltop Fest
(I think I've mentioned before, I like me some fests and anything with sugar) 
Worth the wait in line at Salt & Straw.
I'll be back...for a new flavor of course!
Ridiculous, I know, but we had to try them all.
All I have to say is food science is amazing and maybe a little scary.
A Gig Harbor icon: a Hy iu hee hee breakfast....I  finally experienced the hee. 
Point Robinson on Vashon Island 
Visited a friends almond farm. I think this "shaker" looks like a ship from Star Wars.
A good way to end the summer - DQ goodness
Had to try the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash Blizzard
How was your summer?!
Favorite new treat? 
Favorite new place?

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