Cafe Elite

It was going to be a busy day so while I was running errands bright and early (relative) I knew I had to be on the lookout for a new coffee shop to try. I saw this little gem in a hardware store's parking lot (Mclendon's), so I flipped a u-ey and had myself an iced decaf caramel macchiato. 
It was delicious!!
It was probably so very delicious, because I have given up coffee for lent (yes, this means my decaf coffee) and I don't know if it was the massive amount of caramel that I was sucking up the straw or that I haven't had 'coffee' in three and a half weeks that it was so very tasty.
Also, I was "breaking" lent....and the fact that I had premeditated that I was going to break lent, because I was looking for a coffee shop...oh, my soul! 
To make myself feel better and justify my actions, I was hoping they had more tea options, but they are very energy drink heavy and just the thought of drinking one makes me sick to my stomach....and no I haven't tried them all...but that will be another day.
It was worth it though, because I needed the sugar energy and the whole transaction was a bit endearing and amusing as I've never been referred to as 'girl' so much in such a short amount of time....I wonder if that's how God thinks of me too..."Girl, are you seriously going to break Lent for caramel sauce?" "I'm glad you enjoy all the sugar, girl, because you are worth it."

After looking at the website, I have been to a Cafe Elite before (different location), it seems that they're rebranding...

Worth Lent breaking....

Do you observe Lent?
How do you think God address you?!
What would you break lent for?

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