Onewheel Pint

My brother bought a Onewheel Pint and I couldn't wait to try it!
Everyone, especially my husband, was nervous about me trying, I guess he likes me in one piece... 
I wasn't nervous at all, as I feel like my little brother and I are equally coordinated, if he can do it, I can too...right?!
It was super fun and giddy inducing. 
My legs were totally shaky at the beginning, maybe too much excitement, nerves and adrenaline...
I can't wait to try it again, as we were on a time crunch and I had to learn fast to get my new thing in for the day. I came out unscathed and made sound effects and hummed the entire time, to the delight of my audience. 
It's now on my son's and husband's Christmas list, I wouldn't mind getting one either....

Always smart to wear a helmet, gloves and have a steady shoulder. 
He's an excellent brother!

I didn't get up to the maximum speed of 16 mph...yet, (I need to bend my knees more), but I can turn in a pretty nice circle.

 How do you "destroy boredom"?

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