Farm 12

Please go to Farm 12
If for anything, the smell of freshly baked bread.
And their baked goods.
And the ambience, especially on a sunny day.
Sunny days in March in the PNW probably make anything glorious, but this place has a lot going for it. Have I mentioned the baked goods, yet?
We also had a delicious farro salad and hamburger. (I do eat protein....sometimes.)
They were quite busy, so make sure you have time to wait because service isn't quick, but it was worth it...especially if you're sitting in the sunshine.

So many delectable baked goods, I tried the peanut butter banana pudding. 
It was rich, decadent and delicious.

Step by Step is a non-profit attached to Farm 12 that works to encourage and walk alongside mothers in need.
Fun to see a room full of diapers and
handmade blankets to give away!

What causes tug at your heart strings? 
Pocket strings?
What foods make your mouth water and your eyes grow bigger than your stomach?

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