Ethereal Arts Northwest

My arms and core are weak and that was completely confirmed this morning as I did a 'silks' class at Ethereal Arts Northwest
My husband and I met some friends at 7 Seas Brewing a few weeks back (I had a delicious kombucha.) and as we sat outside under a tarp by a heated lamp, I saw people hanging from the ceiling and decided I wanted to try to. 
Yes, class was held in a brewery. (I love the idea and fruition of shared spaces.)
After a brief warm up I learned how to tie and untie a knot. I was NOT successful in 'walking' up or climbing the apparatus, but I could go upside down and lift myself up....somewhat. 
When I was young I was an avid tree climber and do you remember the rope climb in elementary p.e., yes I could easily and quickly do that too. 
I was hoping there would be some muscle memory after all these years, but nope!
My teacher was kind, patient and encouraging, even after I got tangled up and she had to help me down. Trying new things definitely keeps you humble!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but I am actually in the air!
I successfully attempted (but, not yet mastered) the Flying Dutchman.

If you were in the circus, what job would you want?

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