You know when you click on a photo on Instagram (or really anywhere on the internet) and then get lost for hours...well, I honestly don't remember if that's what happened when I came across mrbbaby, but I'm glad I did and decided to follow along, because the creation/creature Chucho makes me smile.  (Plus, the fact that a character in one of my books is named Chucho, but I had written him as a skinny cholo, because he was named after my sister's tiny, barking dog...)
Anyways, give her a follow and smile along.
I can't wait to see one of her murals in person, until then I will be satisfied by Instagram stories and the awesome watch I bought...which is my new thing for the day...supporting an artist I have never met in person. 

I needed a new watch for work, so being the penny-pincher that I sometimes am, because truth be told, I'm not always a penny-pincher, because if there is ice cream to be bought or a new thing to be tried, I will splurge on it! Anyways, enough of my 'they don't make sense' shopping habits, I bought a need instead of a want - good job me. 

I present to you the Cradle to the Grave watch, which is really nothing like her other art work, but I do love me a conversation piece. 

What type of art are you 'drawn' to?
Here's to hoping mrbbaby makes postcards/cards soon...

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