Vie Athletics

I met a friend for my free session at Vie Athletics. It was intense and worked all the muscles. 
I'm still not sure how I feel about workout classes, the competitor in me wants to keep up with all the people and the introvert in me wants the music to be turned way down, the saver in me doesn't want to spend money on classes and the unrhythmic me wants to nix all the dance moves (see competitor me) because I just can't seem to do anything with rhythm. 
(Ask my friends from high school or my husband.)
Overall it was a great experience and I see why women are raving about Vie Athletics. They were super friendly, accommodating, and encouraging in the best ways and not in a selling, hoorah sort of way.
Plus, it was clean, airy and they give helpful, informative demos before class and during.
Oh, yeah and today there were boxes. I'm not a fan of box jumps since I shaved both shins down to the bone in high school jumping on them during track season. They still make me nervous, but I did it, not jumping, but I feel nervous for different reasons...when I step back down are my knees going to hold me?!
Also, maybe I shouldn't have eaten the piece of pie AND the leftover Taco Bell beforehand, but I did and it stayed down! Yes, I am very proud of that feat.


What's your favorite way to get your heart pumping?

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