Hackers Bar & Grill

I have to admit I'm not too familiar with golfing clientele, as I'm not a golfer...yet. 
(new thing forthcoming - golf lesson) 
Hackers was loud and lively, packed with patrons sharing their exploits, rolling dice, pulling tabs and filling out their Masters fantasy league draft. There was such a fervor in which all this was being done, it was almost overwhelming. (The opposite of the quiet decorum requested on the course!)  
The bar food and the company (my husband) was excellent, though, if I'm being picky, one of the sliders was a bit too well done, aka burnt. I would definitely go again, if only for the candied walnuts on the Wedge salad and to feel completely out of my element.

Where do you feel out of place?
What's your go-to bar food?
(I'm proud of myself, I didn't order nachos!)

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