Tru Fru

A friend is moving to a new neighborhood. We went on a walk around the area she will soon call home. There were bona fide trails around parts of the neighboring neighborhood. It makes me smile when developments provide outdoor gathering opportunities whether it be a trail, a picnic table or a playground. There were also quite a few nearby roads and driveways that said "No trespassing." Ah, the dichotomy of life.

Then, I get home and my daughter, who has been at Target, shares these Tru Fru treats with me. They are a little too easy to eat - be careful! 
Their tagline is -  "Nature's Fruit in Chocolate".  I like both those things. A lot.

Where have you wandered recently?
Would you rather have a "No Trespassing" or "Welcome" sign on your door?
(It might depend on the day I'm having!)


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