9/13 Coffee Strong * Strong Coffee

Celebrating a friends birthday (happy 23rd Tracy) - we headed to Coffee Strong
Okay, so from the outside and the inside there isn't much to blog home about - and I can't even vouch for their coffee because they don't have decaf since they are a non-profit and so they can't afford to have a huge inventory and I'm sure most soldiers who are headed for coffee - want it strong - coffee strong and not weak sauce decaf.  
BUT their mission and vision - 
Pro-Soldier * Anti-War
I'm a fan.
They are smack dab in tear-inducing Tillicum providing a space and much needed hope for soldiers and veterans. 
There was a plethora of mental health literature and tattoo service cards. 
And their posters of justice or the lack thereof - makes you stop and think....

Would you rather be in prison or go to war??

Seriously - would love to know your thoughts.
And even with all the stories of brokenness and pain shared - they are still keeping it real with a bit of levity and humor:
Addressed to the "Tillicum Thieves" on the outside window

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