9/14 Butt Slam

Bounce on feet
Bounce on bum
Bounce on feet
Bounce on behind
Bounce on feet
Bounce on butt
Until you can bounce no more.

Ahh...yes, the classic trampoline game of butt slam -
which I had never played with my children before and will probably never play again 
- go from feet to butt until you out last the others -
- no pauses - 
just continual bouncing/slamming with hair flying and aging knees lagging
I lost
And I'm probably going to feel it to tomorrow.

It's kind of like life sometimes
 -on your feet doing great - 
Slam! your on your bum because of discouragement 
Then your up again! 
Then slam, bum time, because of loss
Then yeah! - on your feet again-
Then butt slam - because of actions and words of others who are stuck on their butts
Then yeah!  - on your feet again -
May you always have enough encouragement and hope to make it back on your feet.

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