9/18 You Go Girl!

The morning started off with a 6-mile jaunt with my extraordinary running partner. 
Okay, so it wasn't a jaunt. 
It was the Go Girl 10k and it totally kicked my bum. 
You'd think after doing a marathon and a couple half marathons a 10k wouldn't be a problem - well, let's just say I learned my lesson.

As we waited for the race to begin, we stood in the covey of Urban Grace to escape the rain where the homeless and transient were waiting for a warm pancake breakfast. 
It was fun to greet newcomers and offer a warm smile.
But it was a little sad seeing that they weren't expecting two running-gear clad women to acknowledge their presence, much less say hello to them.
So, I must ask - what do you do when you see the homeless? 
Do you just run by? 
Do you just drive by? 
Do you wave?
Do you blink? 
Do you smile? 
Do you acknowledge?

After my harrowing run (I'm being a little dramatic) - 
A group of friends ventured to support Women of Vision and hear Sheryl WuDunn, author of -
"Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide"
Gender inequity               Sex-trafficking                 Slavery
Maternal Healthcare or lack thereof               Complications of fistula
Living on less than $3 a day                  A girls education vs. a life of a pig

This is a "good" book that everyone should read. 
And I mean "good" in the way that it informs of the harrowing, horrific lives women endure TODAY
And after you read it - will you....
Just keep living your life like you always have?
Will you wave?

I hope that you do - I hope that you do acknowledge -  all of humanity.
Just like my running partner - who says hello to the homeless and shoots the breeze in the midst of sadness and cigarette smoke. You Go Girl!

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