9/21 Did the Puyallup!

With everyone else in Western Washington!

It was slam packed with all sorts of fun and interesting faces on a Wednesday night 
(me thinks the school strike might be the culprit)
Saw some friends from back in the day.
Ate a bit too much:
The full meal deal at the Young Life BBQ booth - scrumptious
Elephant Ears - my daughter's favorite
Cotton Candy  - just for the sugar rush
Lemonade - to stave off dehydration
Deep Fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - because I had to try Something New!
Verdict - 
Coming from a semi-southern background I've had a lot of fried food in my life and the fact that I love sugar - 
Well, it tasted like a doughnut with a chocolate/peanut butter filling - 
It wasn't "oh my gosh I have to have this again" but it was fun to try - which is kind of the point. 
A big cold glass of milk would have been nice to wash it down. Instead we did milk shot samples from the Dairy Barn Parlor - 
I think the calcium balanced out the sugar! 

The gang noshing on bbq beef AND nanimo bars.

I like meat and Young Life.

Elephant Ear Action

Maybe next year I'll try the Deep Fried Bubble Gum
There they are. They don't look like much. 

Aurelia downing her milk shot

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