9/22 Ducks and the Raiders

No, this is not about college football vs. an NFL team.
This is about ducks and college students.

I ventured to Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom, Home of the Raiders, today to take a friend to see a friend who is learning to be a dental hygienist.
I had an hour to kill so I meandered around Waughop Lake which is nestled near the campus. 
I saw a lot of college students and a lot of ducks.

From my observations of the day - 
Ducks tuck away into their feathers - college students tuck into their i-pods
There are a wide variety of ducks - ditto for college students
There are confident strutting ducks/students.
There are loud quackers.
There are some looking for a handout, others look at you warily, while others skitter away.
And then there are those looking to fly fast and fly far away.

Ducks and college students - who knew?!
Pretty, peaceful and quite ducky
Okay, maybe not as pretty, peaceful and ducky as I thought.

Tucked in for a nap - they put their bill and one foot in to stay warm 

Have you ever gone duck hunting?

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