9/24 Black Bears and Bathrooms

Soccer season has started
And as many of you head out to play games at Fort Steilacoom Park you might just want to stop for a treat at 
Black Bear Yogurt.
We did.
Being that it was a really hot day (and will probably be the only one all season)
We stopped for a little treat action.
Super friendly, clean, yummy and spacious
Little Man downed his country vanilla in about five seconds flat
Cute Girl savored her cake batter on the entire ride home
They serve espresso too and they always have coupons in those nifty/junk mail booklets, so look for them and go!
Totally switching gears - 
The following picture was taken in the park bathroom - gross I know. 
But my mind goes on random, wild tangents really fast - so as I was waiting for my son to use the facilities, I noticed the mess of toilet paper on the ground - who does that?
I mean who completely misses the toilet after they've wiped?
And then who picks it up?
Or are we so used to seeing messes like that, that we don't even give it a second thought - much less take a picture of it?
Well, this t.p. on the floor reminded me of all the other discarded stuff that we don't see...or take notice of...or give a second thought too.
Like people.
People that have even used these bathrooms - 
People that have lived through crap 
And get stepped on 
And get viewed as disgusting - just because they aren't where they belong 
(whatever that means)
So, I guess after you've been through crap or given it to someone else
 - clean it up - 
- ask for forgiveness -
- get help - 
because if you don't - it's just going to get on other people and make a bigger mess

Is there some crap you need to clean up?

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