9/25 Book Club

first time ever going to a book club.
Which is kind of strange considering the amount of books that I read.  
Anyways, it was super fun, chill, great food and scintillating discussion
(let's just say that the subject of what 14 year old boys do....in private...came up very innocently)

We all gave The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian 
two-thumbs up
five stars
whatever it is book clubs/tribes do - so as to encourage their friends to read it.

It is a good, insightful, funny, sad read and most of the characters go through a lot of crap (9/24).  Did I mention it is a banned book in some school districts....read it and let me know your thoughts and if it should be banned or required?

Chili, Cornbread and Cream Soda

What tribes do you belong to?  

Innofood Keto Crackers

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