9/27 La Biblioteca

I was killing time at my new favorite hang out (!?) - Pierce College - and thought I would check out the library
I had not been there yet and I do love me some libraries.
I think there were more computers than books and some of the screens were HUGE. 
And if people weren't at a computer station they were using their own personal computers. 
I saw nary a soul (okay, maybe two) that were actually reading a book. 
My how times have changed!
So, I'm going to date myself, but when I went to college everyone was just starting to get email addresses and hardly anyone had a computer of their own.  (crazy to think!)
Which is actually how I met my husband - I went to borrow a friend's computer and he was there using it before me....ahh...isn't that sweet!

As I meandered around the library and the campus I wondered if anyone knew that I
 "didn't belong there"
- I'm not a student, professor or patient of the dental lab -
I wondered if anyone could tell that I had my Master's? 
Did they know I was a mom? 
A blogger? 
A good friend?
Did it matter?  No, not really, but watching people go by I wondered what their stories were - 
Did the construction worker fulfill his dreams?
Did the teeny girl find the love of her life?
Did the portly fellow have to take care of his parents?
Did the angry, loud lad have enough money to pay his bills?
Did the beautiful, svelte woman ever laugh?
Did the long haired professor ever think about cutting his hair?
Obviously, I do not know the answers or their stories but it was fun to watch the people go to and fro.
And so I encourage you to get out from behind your computer and sit in a new spot - a park, a library, a coffee shop, a college and watch, wonder and wish well the people around you.

Where is your favorite place to watch people?

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