9/28 3 New Things

1.  I started out visiting a new apartment of a friend (wish I had taken pictures).
2.  Then it was off to Trader Joe's where I picked up 
- Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread -
For someone who loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes, homemade Pumpkin Rolls and Costco Pumpkin Pies 
- I thought - 
- Jackpot! -
more like NOT
Too creamy, weird texture and the flavor just wasn't satisfying - maybe because I just wanted it to be like having a pie on top of my bagel!
If you want to try, I would be happy to share and save you $2.79
Not a fan
3. And the third was a charm 
Tickling the ivories for the first time
Attentive to Teacher Pauline

What's your favorite pumpkin treat?

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