9/7 Blogging is the "Something New" for Today

Picking out an unused url takes awhile!

For many this blogging thing is old hat. 
For me - it is brand spanking new. 
And that is what this blog is about - trying new things.
I admit some things are going to be awesome and some will be anti-awesome, but I'm willing to try. 

Perhaps you wouldn't even think about trying certain things. 
Or maybe some of things that I try you have done a million times before or maybe you're even an expert in the field.

Either way, we can have a conversation on why you hate something 
we will have a connection point because we have a shared experience, something in common.  

And so from a brand new blogger - ready or not here we go!

Artisan Market

I had a two hour sit in the San Diego Airport. Artisan Market had all the goodies. I bought a vegan bar, it was more of a block and it was ...