9/9 You missed out.

Last night, my handsome husband and I went to a poetry reading. 
(Yes - sometimes we could be considered nerds.)
It was at a quaint, cat-infested book store
A friend was reading his poems.  
He weaved words together that made us cry and laugh within a span of thirty seconds.
Our friend was glad we were there. 
We were glad we were there. 
The people that were there were glad they were there.
Other people that were invited did not show up and they missed out.  

And that is the thing about trying something new or attending something you've been invited to - sometimes it is not convenient and sometimes it may be at a place that is infested with things you are allergic to
 - but then you miss out  - 
On things that are important and meaningful for your friend.

So try and say yes and be a considerate guest
Show up on time, to hear the rhyme 
And if you sneeze during the sonnet
pull out a kleenex and put the snot on it.
Original poem by me. My apologies to true poets.

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