10/12 Bargain Market

I have been to the older sister stores on 6th and in Lakewood and South Tacoma Way Grocery Outlet opened recently and I had not yet perused all of its aisles. 
It has a nice cozy feel 
- a little less cavernous -
I think the standing freezers have something to do with it, unlike its sister store on sixth, which has the flat, open air ones - 
I wonder which ones are the most energy efficient?
Industrial freezers - this is something I know nothing about! And have only just ever thought of! (Odd)

What I do know is - I love these stores - 
Spent $63.24
By Shopping With Us You Saved - $41.19  
(which they always say out loud and circle) 
Yippee for savings!

What do you spend your saved money on?! I spend mine on extra dessert.

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