10/15 Sabor and Sumner

Soccer game in a new location - Arlington Elementary of the Tacoma School District
then headed to Taqueria El Grande
 - used to be a school bus -
now it is a brick and mortar restaurant
 - still super sabrosa -
Serious Scarf Wearing Soccer Spectators
Attended the Manestage Theatre production of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"
Let's just say - read the comic strip and glad I had a free ticket
To give credit where credit is due - the actors, set and Sumner were great.
The storyline - good grief.

Would you rather - eat at a taco truck or see community theatre? 

Wicks Lake Park

"Is this it?" I don't know. Is this where we park? I don't know. Is it safe? I don't know. Where do we go? I don't...