10/24 Kind of Cheating

So my husband went to the thrashing of WSU by the Beavers this weekend. 
He spent quality time with a fraterntiy brother and cheerily hugged other frat bros, most of whom have grown in width. 
Though the Cougs took a drubbing, the time they had together wasn't a loss as he found a small snazzy slate grey jacket just for me. It was just hanging off a random railing by a trash can. He wasn't sure why it was where he found it, perhaps a drunken fan had misplaced it or with Wazzu fans - let's be honest - we have no idea.
So today was the first day I wore my new treasure.
Finders keepers,
losers weepers? 
Ah, well thanks for the "new" jacket, honey.

Found any fun "treasures"?

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