10/25 Chinchilla Chasing

Dad gum varmints!
The chinchilla got loose today, but with quick handed kids and teamwork we were able to catch the critter and place it safely back in its cage. 
The first thing I thought when I saw the empty cage was - Shoot, I just spent $16.00 on food for that thing.
Ah, but alas my money will not go to waste. The creature will be fed, fat and happy.

Okay, I admit this isn't exactly "something new" to happen to us. 
We did have 2 chinchillas - now we have 1. 
This summer all we found was a puff of fur and a feather in the middle of the yard
 - that evidence does not bode well for a search and rescue mission -
Happy & safely recovered
(And umm...maybe someday soon I will buy a new camera because the lens on this one does not open all the way)
Ever lost something & wish it was never found? Don't tell the kids I just wrote that!

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