10/27 Lucha and Dora

I am Lucha - and I like to fight "much-a"
I am Dora - and I like to fight "mor-a"
We are the pinky wrestlers of doom.....with magic sparkle sprinkles!

I wish I had a picture of my friend Taylor and I as Lucha and Dora tonight.
(for all you Spanish speakers - get it - luchadora)

This evening was the first U.P. wYLdlife of the year for 6th-9th graders.
It was a great time and by being the epitome of silly - kids' were - well - able to be kids. 
And let me tell you there's nothing like a living room filled by 50 hormonal, clustery, chatty, giggly, silly, squirmy, smelly, unsure but seeking students.

Remember Middle School? Oh dear!

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