10/28 A Five Year Old

Happy 5th Birthday!
Meandered down a new path around Chambers Bay with a new walking friend. 
This particular path leads down to the Water Treatment/Waste plant across from Chambers Creek by the skim boarding park and though beautiful - be warned - there is a bit of a stank. 
The tide was in, so the stink wasn't coming from there, but every once in awhile you'd get a whiff of something not so fresh.  
It went along with the conversation I was having with my friend - sometimes life and people are full of --it. 
Relationships, organizations and corporations can be stinky and gross but sometimes you just have to hold your breath and keep at it. 
Other times you have to try and make the air fresh, otherwise no one is going to survive. 
And sometimes they won't appreciate it because they've become so accustomed to the stink.
Ah, but when that fresh air comes - whether it be through 
- a note from a friend - 
- a smile - 
- real change -
Breathe deeply 
enjoy and appreciate 
-because chances are - the odor will rise again -

Ended the day with a Pumpkin Ale Kennebunk IPA 

Where have you experienced fresh air?

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