10/8 Postpone Revelation

Recognize the absurdity in everyday life - and capture it -
That is what a screenwriters job is.
And to ask the 
Where and 
Why.  And to ask Why first and the most often.
People, plot, premise, conflict, characters 
- so much to develop and learn - 
because when I grow up I think it would be cool to write a movie or two.

This morning I attended the (free) Warren Etheredge Filmmakers Workshop hosted by the Tacoma Film Festival at The Grand. (there were free muffins, fruit and coffee too!)
It was enlightening,informative, deep, inspiring and encouraging. 
(Hmm...wouldn't it be cool to be described that way!)
Well done Grand - incredible hospitality!

And speaking of incredible hospitality -
Lefty's in U.P. 
- is the place to be -
Fried pickles, corn dogs and ice cream cones. What could be better?!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

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