9/30 Walking it Off

I walked around Chambers Bay today - twice.

Once with a new little buddy - welcome to the walking circuit Maile!
Then I walked down new secret roads from a friends house to Chambers Bay - like I've said before, even a new street counts as Something New. 
If you've never walked "Chambers" - you should - it's beautiful, hilly and free.
And it's a good thing I did all that walking because we had supper at some super friends house 
(do only Southener's say supper?)
It included yummy curry in a container from Costco that was new to me and then on the fly my super friend and husband made a delightful concoction of brownies infused with peanut butter. 
I had one for every time I walked Chambers - you know to make up for the calorie loss! 

Inaugural Walk

This isn't even the beautiful part

Inside there is something special

Chowing down - so good

He's mad, because soy and nut allergies suck and he gets stuck with a popsicle, but he likes Grace.

What's your favorite way to burn calories? 
What's your favorite way to intake calories?

Artisan Market

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