11/1 Pumpkin"ness"

Well, I've decided to go all out in the pumpkin scheme of things 
- because, well - 
I love it and it's only out for the short season of September-November. 
(and then everything changes to peppermint!)
So be warned - the month of November is going to feature a lot of pumpkin.
And this is what started the love. 
Empanadas de calabaza de la panaderia de Viera
(Pumpkin empanadas from Viera's Bakery
 Succulent moistness stashed inside a cinnamon sweet wheat shell - delicioso! 
So, it is with mucho gusto that I present today's Something New - 
Pilgrim Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream
I say, "Yum!!"
My husband says "tastes like a candle." (don't listen to him)
My sister-in-law says "I enjoy this."
My friend KJ, who let me know this was out there, says "it is to DIE for!"
And the kids just scarfed it down real fast!

Have a holiday taste obsession?

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