11/2 Catalyst

If you "know" someone for twelve years and haven't been to their home - do you "know" them?
I think the answer is yes 
- and -
I think the answer is no

Today, I visited a friend's home for the first time and had Mulligatawny soup (curry based deliciousness) and she introduced me to her dear friend, Abhishek Gier, Director of Catalyst in Delhi, India. 

Delhi - 
* Where 52% of the people live in the slums
* Where if you can write your name in any language you are considered literate
* Where 20 million people live and another 4-5 million commute to everyday

Catalyst is doing some pretty amazing work under these circumstances - including a program called 
- TGIS - 
Thank God It's Saturday  
- where kids who live in the slums play and play and play - 
- where they can be kids and not have to worry about poverty, danger or hunger -
Where they become known as a person and not just a panhandler.

What constitutes knowing someone?

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