11/27 Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent
Today is the first Sunday we celebrated Advent as a family.

Advent means coming/arrival. 
It is observed to prepare hearts for the celebration of the coming of Jesus, Christmas.
A friend sent us a letter entitled "Advent for Dummies".
It came with all sorts of great instructions (which we kind of followed) including how to make an advent wreath, themes, which candle to light, scripture readings, a prayer and songs. 

I totally love and appreciate beauty and craftiness. I look at Pinterest and say cool. 
But truth be told you won't find me recreating any of those ideas.
I am not crafty, I lean to thrifty and pragmatic. 

The theme tonight was HOPE and Emmanuel - God with us. 
It was a precious time hearing my daughter read scripture and the off-key singing voice of my son.

What are you hoping for this month?
Have you had an Emmanuel experience?

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