11/30 Prick

Blood prick that is.

All of a sudden I have been having some extreme cases of hypoglycemia.
Went to the doctor this morning to try and figure things out and apparently -
I have no stress in my life (!) because my blood pressure is so low
I have the heart of an Olympic athlete (which is cool, considering I only run three days a week) 
And I'm not pregnant (which is also good considering my husband has been snipped).

So what's causing this general sense of malaise, nausea, sweats and irritability?
Well, we don't know yet.
That's where the prick comes in.
Two to four times a day I get to test my blood sugar levels with the Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
Hmm...should I faint now or later....yeah, I'm pretty queasy around needles.
Trying to figure out how in the heck to do this - my friend Tracy in the b.g. was a BIG help
To low. This is not going to be a fun week and a half.
How are you feeling?
Physically? Mentally? Your soul?

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