11/8 You're an All Star

If your looking for great tasting or healthy fast food - don't stop.
If your looking for things that make you go hmm - stop.

With a Jaguar in the parking lot and no one else in the restaurant and cars pulling in and out of the parking lot, but their occupants never going in, it makes you wonder about the transactions that are taking place. 
Just being observant.
The inside is bare and fine and you know a child or two do their homework in the corner. 
All the menu items come with a picture
and I think they don't cook with soybean oil....

You've passed it millions of times
Not the epitome of health
We ate most of this at Madrona/Oakland Park across the street 
(Another shout out to Tacoma Metro Parks!)
And speaking of All-Stars - Happy 85th Pat Black
(ever feel like a goon when you visit someone and forget/don't realize it's their birthday!)
When was the last time you had too much sodium in one meal?!

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