11/9 Dope

You have to try it once, right?
- Walking into an alternative medicine cooperative, that is -
Since they are all the rage here in the South Sound (22 according to Dope Magazine) I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.
I pass T-Town Alternative a few times a week, so here's the down low-
* Before entering I was warned that you have to be over 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter.
Upon entering, well, it smelled like eau de skunk, in other words - pot. 
The waiting lounge was clean and sparse.
I was to hit the gong for help (creative minds there I tell you)
I could not see my friendly, informative customer service representatives as there was a shiny silver reflective film on the window, but they were friendly and informative.
And just so you know - 
* You cannot open your merchandise or show it to anyone on the street. This must be done in your home - otherwise it is a misdemeanor.
* You may not resale your merchandise.
- and -
* if you don't have a prescription you can't legally be on the premises.
Good to know.
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