12/1 Nick Thune & Ron Funches

Led to lots of laughter!!
My bro-in-law, hubby and I headed to the Intiman Theatre in Seattle, where we laughed and cried (in a good way) to enjoy some comic relief.
I mean really, "What sound does Puget make anyway?"
There were lots of great jokes, but if I tried to recreate them here, well, just go see them when you have a chance.

We left with cheesy smiles and the comedians (we know people who know people) and headed over to McMenamins where the cajun tots flowed. 
(Note-they were spicy tater tots, not to be confused with toddlers from the Bayou)
Like I said, I'll let the professionals make the jokes!  :)
Nick Thune and Ron Funches - Thanks for the laughs, I'm a fan.
You decide.

 Who/what makes you bust a gut?

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