12/15 Thrombocytopenia

Low platelets and abnormal glucose.
What does that even mean?
More blood testing to be had after the holidays and continual self-pricking until then. 
Actually I don't self-prick, I make other people in my household do it because I have a silly squeamish, queasy thing going on. I would have thought I would have outgrown this by now, but I haven't, I've always been this way with blood. I'm great in an emergency, just don't ask me to  read about or retell a story about blood.

Now what am I supposed to do with this "half - non" information?
Try and pronounce thrombocytopenia?  (yep, first time reading up on that)
Do I dwell on it?  probably won't
Enjoy the holidays? definitely will
But it does make me wonder - what's going on here? 

What do you do when you only have "half" the story?

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