12/16 Amistad

I have a wonderful friend that doesn't have much, but what she has she gives freely.
It is always a pleasure to introduce (share) my friends with others and my other friends have come to know and realize what a treasure this friend is. (Is that confusing at all?)
Because of other friends noticing how significant and wonderful this friend is and that she has needs, they wanted to give her family some Christmas blessings in the form of a gift card. 
Oh, how my heart is touched.
As she and I wandered the overwhelming aisles together and wanting to hurry the process along I asked her what was on her list. She asked, how could she have a list when she hadn't had any money. 
Right - reality,
yet she was living in contentment and delayed gratification even at Christmas time. 
The time of year we think we deserve it all. 
I'm not sure I deserve this wise and gentle friend.

Can you make a list of things that you don't deserve?

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