12/2 Call 911

I have called 911 to report an incident or two, but never before had I called them to come to my home. 
And just so you know - when you call 911 from your cell phone it automatically goes into "emergency mode" which prevents you from texting or calling anyone else until the emergency vehicles arrive - I think I understand why, but it is a tad inconvenient.

My good friend Jill fell off a ladder today, actually the ladder fell whilst she was still upon it.
I didn't see the accident, but I heard it.
She has a broken scapula, two broken ribs and a small lung puncture.
- All because of holiday decorations -
Please be careful when you're decorating.....
- kind of puts things into perspective -

Would you rather . . . 
have the most beautifully decorated home and a broken heart
have the most beautiful heart and a broken home
Would you risk being broken to be beautiful?

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