12/26 Home Towns

Are a funny thing.

The high school I went to now has a fence around it.
The roads I used to know have multiplied and there are so many new ways to get from here to there 
(got lost going to the mall today - not really lost, let's just say turned around).  
The fields I used to make out in are now strip malls and taquerias.
The empty fields I ran to in track and cross country are now housing developments.
The guys I went to high school with are more rotund. (okay, okay, I admit I'm not close to my high school weight either)
The people you expect to see at The Pub - you do.

Everything is the same, yet they are so different.
Like I said, home towns are funny.

But the best thing is that the friends that I had  back in the day are still my friends. I know that not everyone is lucky enough or wants to say that, but I'm glad that I can. I'm thankful that life has kept us connected and not divided us - this includes the ones that still live there and the ones that happen to be in town for the holidays the same time I am.
Thank you friends for knowing where I came from and still loving me!

How do you feel about your hometown?
Have you ever been back?  Have you ever left?

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