12/31 End of the Year

This morning there was a light skiff of snow over our sledding hill and Lake Wenatchee was calm, quiet and cold.
Tranquil, as the sun shone over the mountains onto the water.
Not a bad way to end the year.

Typed this in the cabin and now uploading this is in the quaint Bavarian village of Leavenworth
 - Good Mood Food actually -
Free wi-fi – so handy!
I remember back in the archaic dark ages thinking how unnecessary and ridiculous it was to have wi-fi available in every crook and cranny or every restaurant and rest stop.
Oh, silly me.
Yes, I have become quite accustomed to having wi-fi at my every beck, call and question.
Interesting how our ideas, thoughts and perceptions change with our perceived needs, wants, desires and interactions. 

What ideas, thoughts and perceptions have changed for you this year?
What ideas, thoughts and perceptions have changed you this year?

Happy New Year's Eve to you and yours!

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