12/8 Little Caesars

$5 x 5 pizzas =
not very much money to feed 50+ jr. highers.

Stopped at what we thought was the closest Little Caesars inside the local Kmart (turned out there is a closer one!) 

I was struck by the curtness of the lady helping us. She wasn't necessarily rude, but she wasn't necessarily nice either. I'm not sure where I would place her on the customer service scale.  Being the astute observer of humanity that I like to think I am, it was easy to see how working with the clientele would cause anyone to protect themselves with a sheen of gruffness. 
I wonder if it is her environment that made her gruff or was it her gruffness that made the environment? 
Whatever the answer may be, I feel for her and I want to know her story, so who knows, I may find myself eating an overabundance of grease soon.

Should I expect a smile and a friendly sparkle in the eye of all those that provide a service?  Do you?

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