1/13 Bainbridge Island

My hubby had a meeting on Bainbridge Island - Tagged along with him - we played while he worked.  It was a great way to start a four day weekend.  
Started with lunch at Casa Rojas 
mini-fresa (strawberry) empanadas They bring a smile to your face and tummy!

Did you know that the entire island used to be a strawberry farm? Fun fact.
Then headed to Waterfront Park and Downtown - 
Low tide - so serene and smelly
Catch that ferry!

Boat as stage or tag venue or hide n seek - you decide
Then Fort Ward State Park
Notice the mountain in the distance
Lots of beach to wander during low tide 
Starfish - seems to be pointing to the water - get me back in!
That really is a seal 
Bainbridge - drive around or take the ferry?

Artisan Market

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