1/14 Jayne Ann Krentz

Ever heard of her?
I hadn't either.
She's a New York Times Best Selling Author and she was giving a presentation on "How to Get Published" at the Lakewood Library.  I have to write a book first....
I haven't read any of her books either and not sure if I ever will, but I found her to be an engaging, spirited, down to earth speaker.

Hard to be serious - with his smoldering gaze and biceps
Then debriefed and dreamed with my friend Anya, had a Bobo Bar, she had a mocha.
Good sport for going with me & great writer with lots more stories to tell
What kind of cover art would your life story have?

Anderson Point Park

I've been doing something new for quite awhile now and thought I had run out of parks. Anderson Point was only 30 minutes away! My son ...