1/14 Jayne Ann Krentz

Ever heard of her?
I hadn't either.
She's a New York Times Best Selling Author and she was giving a presentation on "How to Get Published" at the Lakewood Library.  I have to write a book first....
I haven't read any of her books either and not sure if I ever will, but I found her to be an engaging, spirited, down to earth speaker.

Hard to be serious - with his smoldering gaze and biceps
Then debriefed and dreamed with my friend Anya, had a Bobo Bar, she had a mocha.
Good sport for going with me & great writer with lots more stories to tell
What kind of cover art would your life story have?

Artisan Market

I had a two hour sit in the San Diego Airport. Artisan Market had all the goodies. I bought a vegan bar, it was more of a block and it was ...