1/2 McCarver Park/Zina's Playground

Wrote an article about parks - 
Thought it would be fun to try a new one - 
McCarver Park/Zina's Playground on the Hilltop on South J Street is a hoot!

Remembrance, hope, art, and gardens intermixed with KOMPAN playground toys that I'm not exactly sure how to use/play with made for a fun last day of break.
Renamed in honor of Zina Linnick
Playing on a grey day
Praying that the children really are well. 
Top of the Tacoma Dome and on a clear day I imagine Mt. Rainier is right there
Playful art
Like I said, we had a hoot playing here today, even with the reverberating sound of I-5 traffic. 
Interesting to be at park made in memory of a murdered little girl, while a search was taking place for a killer at a park on Mount Rainier.
There is peace pole at the park in eight languages - May peace prevail on earth. Oh, let it be so.

Peace - is it ever attainable?

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