1/3 Best Burgers

Last Tuesday we had a swanky date at Marrow.
This Tuesday we had a date too - I just wouldn't call it swanky -
At Best Burger in Lakewood!
We split a chocolate shake and chatted a bit with our friend Cort who works there.
FYI - Best Burger does not have a sit down restaurant area, so if it's raining, order fast! 
As an observation it seems that our little rainy corner of the world has an inordinate amount of "outside dining" burger joints. Does anyone else find that odd?
Cort wouldn't let me take a pic of him, so I just took a pic of the building
You know you want to stop when you see this sign!
To cap off our date we went to Wal-Mart to spend a gift card.
If you haven't checked out People of Walmart  - do it - now.
I know Wal-Mart isn't really a hot place for a date, but as a people observer it sure is fun!
Been on a date lately? 

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